Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Jacket

Today was a cooler day at 13c and with the regular rain I think its time to bring out the Fall jackets and cropped boots!! Have loaded this sweet baby in the shop today and its got great details like the pockets, beige trim and the lovely wool fabric. I have paired it here with a white lace dress but it would also look cool with cropped skinny jeans like below. 

Check out the second look - another way to style your favorite denim jacket ! 

Grey Schoolboy Blazer - SHOP HERE 

J.Crew Fall / Winter collection.
Pic via My Daily Style blog 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fisherman`s hat - Trendy !

Black Fisherman`s Hat
SHOP here

Blue Fisherman`s hat
SHOP here
Just loaded 2 cute Fisherman`s hats in the shop - one in blue and the other in black. Both come with beautiful detailing like rope trim, braid and buttons, so head on over to the SHOP to check them out and more beautiful vintage !! 

Here is a pic of the beautiful Alexa Chung - she is one of my style Icons - rocking the hat with a very cool ensemble ! This girl is fearless ! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dream Catcher

Have always wanted to make a dream catcher so finally did it with my daughters. I chose beige wool (for knitting) as it was the only thing around and covered the rim in white felt. I then interspersed a few beige and brown beads in between and hung a few beads from the end too ! Voila - my new dream catcher which hangs in my office right now. Yes yes I am crafty like that !

If you are wanting to make one just go onto You Tube and there are umpteen demo videos to follow from.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Johnny Depp has got style

I very rarely talk about men`s style but with Johnny Depp I can just go on. Very few men can put it together ! Johnny Depp is one of those very few men. When I spot him in magazines and blogs I find myself pouring over his attention to detail.........jewellery......scarves.......hats, the man sure knows how to dress. of the few. 

Love his jewellery.

How cool is this distressed leather jacket. 

The only one who can rock a vest ! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Marchesa 2012

All Reproduction pics 

Marchesa....the talent of these two ladies is endless. The 2012 collection has shades of Morocco, India, Mehendi, Brocade, Luxury all rolled into each beautiful design (see Inspiration board above). My favorite piece would have to be the two piece cropped top with the maxi flare skirt - such an ethereal creation never have I seen.........

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Denim Overalls

Just loaded an adorable pair of denim overalls in the shop. I am noticing denim overalls everywhere and I mean everywhere ! They are the most unique outfit that can be worn in Spring, Summer or Fall. They can worn by themselves or add a pair of tights if it gets too chilly. Here are some of my favorite bloggers rocking the look !

* Love the way Karen glams them up with a pair of heels.
* The beige pair looks awesome with Oxfords.
All pics via Blue is in Fashion 

 * Skinny overalls on Natalie  - wowzer ! 

* And who can`t resist a pair of leather overalls...sigh !
Pic via Stop It Right Now blog 
Head on over to the shop to check out the denim overalls just loaded and many other pieces that will bring coolth to your style !

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My interview on 'Hand Make My Life' Blog

My interview got published on the 'Hand Make My Life' blog by the lovely and talented Hillery Sawyer. She did such a good job of the graphics and layout. I totally enjoyed answering her in depth questions. Head on over to her blog to read it:

1) How did you get started in vintage? Was it always a love for you or was it happenstance?
I have always loved vintage clothing particularly clothing from the 70s, and did most of my searching on line as I was living in India, Dubai and Bahrian where there is not much access to vintage clothing. It was only after coming to Canada that I was really able to source the clothing for myself and after that I thought why not source it for others too…..and that was how Sparrow Lyn was born. After that it was only natural that I would want to integrate my Art into this and that was how I started illustrating for my T-shirts. Sparrow Lyn has been a work of love that evolved into something that I am truly passionate about and excited to see grow. 

2) What is your typical day like as a vintage seller?
A typical day would have me sending off my two daughters & hubby to school & work respectively, walking my dog ‘Coach’ and then ‘dressing’ for work…yes I dress up even though my office is in my basement – just puts me in the right frame of mind, plus it gives me a reason to try on new styling ideas. I start off with inspecting the clothes, sort by category and then photograph. My in laws are vacationing (from India) with us for the Summer and they take care of all the mending and altering of stock. Then I do the photography and start the uploading. My favorite part is dressing ‘Bella’ up (the mannequin). I love creating the whole outfit and then accessorizing to complete the look. I am currently studying Art at The Academy of Realist Art Toronto and my week is split up between school, the shop and family. After 18 yrs in the corporate world this is a nice change to the fast pace of my earlier life and a life I am truly ‘present’ in.

3) What has surprised you the most about setting up shop?
That people love vintage as much as I do, that they are willing to make a purchase without having the product in their hand.

4) What is something interesting about your method of finding items for your shop?
I think we all have our systems / rituals in the way we trek the stores we source from. What I never fail to hit is the nightwear rack – I always find the best things there. I think when the people working there have something that does not fit in with the other racks they put it in the nightwear rack and most of my treasures were found there. So there is my dirty little secret ! trust me on this……..try it yourself.

5) What is your favorite thing about selling vintage?
It would definitely be spotting a vintage piece and then falling in love with the workmanship. Clothes are just not made like they used to. The detailing of the zip, pleats, cuffs……..everything. You know that skilled hands transformed a piece of fabric into something exquisite.

The other thing I like about selling vintage is the packaging. I love packaging gifts……every year I plan in advance what theme I am going to use for gift wrapping the Christmas gifts. One year I used cookie cutters as the toppers, another year we used old maps to gift wrap with old leather belts to tie them up. So of course I pay a lot of attention to gift wrapping each purchase. I use white tissue paper and red raffia, then tie a little brass birdie as the topper, with feathers and beads………my own little work of art.

6) What are some of your favorite items in your shop?
Some of my favorite items in the Sparrow Lyn collection are the Caftans………….anything long in length appeals to me……….maxi dresses, skirts, long tops. My absolute favorite would be the black velvet Caftan, it has got wood buttons and pockets and a whole lot of edge! Paired with ankle cowboy boots and a fringe bag it would make you feel like a Bohemian Rock Star!