Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Living a Gypsy Life

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love the Top Hat 

I have always related to Gypsies............maybe it comes from living in 5 countries, moving in and out of 13 homes, travelled over 31 countries..........and these are just the ones I remember.

Sometimes I find myself sitting at my workstation saying ``I want to go home``........and I always wonder why I am saying it. Anyhoo let`s hope Canada is our last stop as we love it here!

Some pics of Kate at her best !!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Items just loaded in Sparrow Lyn Store

Kimono Love

Definition of Kimono Love: Cannot have enough of them, wants one in every color and design.

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Kimonos styled by some of my favorite bloggers. Seriously a sequinned Kimono - Jane always finds the gems!
via Forever 21 online store 
via Merlins Maiden Etsy Shop 

I finally could take it no more and broke down & bought 2 kimonos - one a fringed black and white one from an Etsy store, and another silk one from Forever 21 (both featured above). The fringed one can be dressed up over a fitted black mini or dressed down with a white tee and cut offs. The silk blue one is pretty cool as the back is longer than the front, it has pockets and slits on either side - small details that I really like.
via Girl On A Vine Etsy shop
 And what this is all leading to...........the ultimate kimono above in silk and velvet. I love it so because of the graduated hem line, the velvet trim, the long tassles and pretty much everything else. The price is steep and I will probably have to go hungry for a couple of months to afford it but never say never!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


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I saw this wrap at H&M and hesitated to buy it and when I went back it was gone....its how I shop and regret things. I want to think about it and go home and see what it will go with and then the piece sells out! Just not an impulse shopper............thats a good thing right???!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ethnic Bangle - First listing in Etsy shop

Ethnic Bangle
Buy here from Etsy shop 

Vintage Bangle of Indian Origin 
Sparrow Lyn's first item in our Etsy shop is the beautiful Ethnic bangle of Indian origin. This would look very Bohemian coupled with a few bronze bangles, some beaded bracelets and a long flowy dress. Check the shop as new items are posted daily.

Welcome to Sparrow Lyn

Thank you for browsing SPARROW LYN, a label that features Bohemian clothes and jewellery with a dash of Rock n Roll.

This blog will chornicle my journey of setting up Sparrow Lyn. During my university years I was also studying fashion design and even produced a summer collection for a local fashion show. After graduating I then moved to Dubai and joined the corporate world. The money was good and I kept moving up the corporate ladder which led to my fashion designing dream taking a backseat. After 18 years of the corporate life I decided in September 2010 to go back to being creative. Joined an art school to study Fine Art and started designing again.

Sparrow Lyn is my way of expressing my fashion dreams. I will be stocking items that are a true reflection of my Bohemian Rocker self. I like mixing masculine and feminine pieces, something pretty with something tough and thats where the mix of BOHEMIAN and ROCKER comes from.

I have the support of my husband, 2 beautiful daughters and one crazy pug to keep me sane on this journey. Do join us on this new chapter of our future.