Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kimono Love

Definition of Kimono Love: Cannot have enough of them, wants one in every color and design.

via Two Wheeled Gypsy blog

via Purse n Boots blog

via Sea of Shoes blog 
Kimonos styled by some of my favorite bloggers. Seriously a sequinned Kimono - Jane always finds the gems!
via Forever 21 online store 
via Merlins Maiden Etsy Shop 

I finally could take it no more and broke down & bought 2 kimonos - one a fringed black and white one from an Etsy store, and another silk one from Forever 21 (both featured above). The fringed one can be dressed up over a fitted black mini or dressed down with a white tee and cut offs. The silk blue one is pretty cool as the back is longer than the front, it has pockets and slits on either side - small details that I really like.
via Girl On A Vine Etsy shop
 And what this is all leading to...........the ultimate kimono above in silk and velvet. I love it so because of the graduated hem line, the velvet trim, the long tassles and pretty much everything else. The price is steep and I will probably have to go hungry for a couple of months to afford it but never say never!

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