Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bella has arrived

My assistants and  our dog Coach 

After much searching for a dress form, the husband (who can find just about anything online) found this place called 'Recycled Displays' in Toronto and we found 'BELLA' there.

Instead of a dress form I opted for a mannequin as it has the benefit of arms and legs. Now this place Recylced Displays was a treasure trove - and mad thrifters that we are - we went around the whole warehouse just ogling. They had tons of mannequins (of all kinds - silver ones, gold ones, embroidered ones), dress forms, hanging forms, etc etc.......turns out they also rent out props to TV series like Rookie Blue, Sherlock Holmes, etc - they had mad stuff! mad stuff I say! vintage typewriters, cash tellers with those beautiful raised keys, vintage clothing, giant horses, vintage mini cars, doctors carry cases (now this I wanted to steal shhhhhhhhh), shelf upon shelf of beautiful things lost in the mess of that warehouse - I'm sure they have an inventory system but what a thrill it would be to rummage through it all! miles and miles of joy...............

So back to topic - yes I finally got my mannequin and my daughters named her 'Bella' aptly (who isn't a Twilight fan now!?) and I got to work with trying out the clothes and camera work....will post more pics of the warehouse later tonight!

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