Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trend spotting: Bolo Tie

I am starting a new feature called 'Trend Spotting' and will feature what I notice as upcoming trends. Today I want to mention the 'BOLO TIE'. I have spotted it in several blogs and on the runways. My favorite Fashion babe Ashley makes it look so cool...

via Purse n Boots blog 

So of course I have been on the look out for one. Last Saturday we went Goodwill Hunting and I spotted this Bolo Tie - I swear I nearly died............of course I picked it up !ONE - it was a design I didn't expect to find in Goodwill but more in Planet Blue or Spanish Moss and TWO it was for CAD 3/- only. I mean seriously what are the odds.

Me so happy with my Bolo Tie. I love that its got a tan leather cord - it matches my tan boots. Am wearing it around the house today............

Hop over to Giselle's blog to read her blog post on the Bolo Tie trend.

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