Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inspiration Board

My new work space needed an Inspiration Board (I can be quite a magpie like that) where I could pin  beautiful things for when I am dreaming & creating. Last weekend the husband and I got together to make this for me. 

This was the inspiration for my Inspiration Board
Pic is via the Eclecchic Blog  

Frame with original print in it - isn't the print so pretty!
I got the frame from Moveline Liquidation for CAD 6/-, the fabric was a curtain from the local Goodwill store, and the pearls were a necklace from the local dollar store. Total cost of Memo board is 9/- !! It is a good sized board at 33 x 27 inches which gives me much space to put up stuff.

Ta Da ! I love it so ! 

Do you see my new biz card pinned to it? Can you see the little crochet baby clothes? I had picked those in Bahrain for making a custom 'Baby' type card but they were so cute I ended up keeping them for myself.  

Close up showing pearl buttons and Toile fabric 
We put a layer of dacron under the fabric to give a tufted look & feel. I love the color of the frame - it has the look of antique gold with a grey patina in the grooves. Moveline has some great furniture and frames and if you ever need a piece to reupholster check them out first.

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  1. Dreat diy-project! :) Your sofa look gorgeous too..
    I see that you have Pinterest, following! And checking out your shop aswell. :)

    Thank you so much for the comment! My clothing rack is from my old workplace, that ended business sometime ago. I bought the mannequin from there aswell. :)

    Indie by Heart