Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4 Must-Have items for a Bohemain Wardrobe

Something in luxurious velvet

A long Kimono-esque Jacket

something in white crochet and fringe

All pics via Bohemian Blissful Tumblr
A Bohemain Style includes a few staples that can be thrown over your classics to give it that eclectic quotient. Here I have listed 4 KEY pieces to turn your regular outfit into a Bohemain Creation:
  1. Velvet is a fabric that is luxurious and rich, and if you can find something in jewel tones that would make it even better. Here is a gorgeous cropped jacket layered over a simple white Tee. Blogger Amanda Malm has totally conquered the Velvet Jacket look in this blog post I did earlier. Velvet says the Seventies like no other!
  2. Kimonos are all over the radar right now and if you can get your hands on a longish jacket with contrasting prints and colors, even better. Here are a couple more Kimonos featured on the blog earlier. I love what Rihanna is wearing here - the key is to keep what you are wearing under it very simple e.g. a Tshirt dress, tank and denim cutoffs...you get the idea.
  3. White Crochet and Fringe - both in one garment! you couldn't get luckier. Anything with fringe with make you stand out. Its got so much movement that it instantly draws the viewers eye in.
  4. Caftans have come back in a big way. And this one here in white lace is absolutely ethereal. Another way to wear a Caftan is to chop it and wear it like a mini dress - totally modernizes the look.
Sparrow Lyn stocks many velvet jackets, Kimonos and Caftans to add to your Bohemian Wardrobe. You can view the whole collection HERE.

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