Wednesday, December 11, 2013

KENDI everyday

Kendi started off with a BLOG and now she runs her own clothing store. If you had to ask me three years ago what would I be doing? I would say working at my corporate job (where I worked for 18 years and thought it would be the header on my tombstone).....but here I am three years later running my own Online Vintage / Handmade Clothing store. I swear to you I did not see this coming. I have always loved University friends tell me I was always designing clothes for Fashion is what I live and breathe. But to think I would actually be running my own thing, having an outlet for my own designs and ideas, working in Fashion on a daily basis............WOW..................and when I stop to think about it - I am so so grateful. Everyday I wake up and cannot believe I am doing this. Working for myself, running my own show, 'creating' every single moment.............which is really all I want to do. CREATE.

Reading this article was so inspiring for she set up, what her day looks like, how she manages the shop and the blog. When I grow up I want to be just like her.

If you are looking for inspiration read more on her journey here:

Kendi's Blog:

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