Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sparrow Lyn Custom Glam Wrapping

Can you tell I love Glam Wrapping.... as I call it !  Christmas is my favorite time of the year as I get to glam wrap ! I bring out all my guns............ribbon (which I have tons of ), paper (I have nowhere to store the many rolls), feathers, pearls, stickers, embellishments...........and the list goes on!

My family thinks I am really cuckoo because I refuse to give a gift card - not much to wrap there. I will only buy and present things that come in boxes SO I CAN GLAM WRAP ! They might be right there but hey its my small pleasure.

So if you want your Sparrow Lyn purchase to be Glam wrapped then give me the absolute joy of doing it ! Purchase of service is available as a separate listing in the shop. Click HERE

This purchase went out to a very special customer..............hope she likes it !

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