Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Got me a new camera !!

All pics property of Lynda D'Souza
Yay ! finally invested in a new camera for my biz. I had one for the last 14 years and the handy old thing was doing all my shop pics but desperately felt the need for a new one. So we bit the bullet and ordered the Canon Rebel T3i............isn't that a cool name? Rebel T3 ! makes me feel cool too.

The hubby downloaded all these 'how to' videos and have been watching and playing with the camera for the last few days. Figured out all the modes and filters. Now going onto the lessons on how to record - yup its records video too.

The above close up is a shot with the new Rebel. I still have to try it out with the macro lens which we had but I broke (oops) so have to get a new one. So expect to see lots more pics of me in my outfits and photos around the office and studio.

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