Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spotlight - Cafe and Antiques shop in one: OUTDATED

Ok how cool is this ? A cafe and Antiques shop all rolled into one. Definitely somewhere I would love to visit, drool over every shelf and hang out for the weekend. Found this article on the Design Sponge blog and just had to share it with you guys.

Two of my favorite kinds of places are coffee shops and antique stores, so you cannot believe how thrilled I was to discover a place in Upstate New York that combines the best of both. Outdated, a large space located on Wall Street in Kingston’s historic Stockade District, has been dubbed an “antique cafe” by its founders, Gabriel Constantine and Tarah Gay and combines the couple’s two passions—vintage furniture and food. “We had our first date at a flea market and the rest is history,” says Gabriel. “During the years of buying antiques and vintage around the Hudson Valley, we began dreaming up the idea for Outdated.” The result is an open but endlessly inviting space—one part shop, one part restaurant, and one part dazzling museum of curiosities. With ample seating space and a few sofas and coffee tables thrown into the mix, being at Outdated is akin to being in a living room away from home. Add in the delicious, locally-sourced food, baked goods, and coffee and you have a wonderful (and dangerous) combination. Check out the rest of the photos plus Gabriel and Tarah’s notes about the space after the jump! —Max

Pics via Design Sponge
Hop over to her blog to see the rest of the pics on Design Sponge Blog.

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