Friday, March 21, 2014

A Hippie Queen - Blogger Hippie Lace

Pics via Hippie Lace

Hippie Lace is a lovely blogger in country ! and I just love collaborating with fellow country hippies! She has amazing style and is fearless with her choices. What impressed me the most is that she stuck to her Boho looks even when pregnant - that is something I struggled it when I was pregnant. I got so big that nothing would fit me except a tent.

Anyhoo hop over to her blog to see her many Bohemian outfits and styling ideas. You are going to love her for sure! and while you are there check out my Ad rolling on the side bar.....woohoo !!


  1. thanks for featuring me, it's always great to connect with fellow Canadian bloggers!

  2. I love her first outfit -- great layering!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Audrey...........loved your outfit today btw, great lace skirt. Hugs Lynda