Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Find Your Style On Pinterest

The Style and Fashion that I like is very specific - its edgy, bit Rock n Roll and lots of black. For that reason I cannot stay on Pinterest for long as the fashion there is too 'Prom-my' as I refer to it - you know - all pretty dresses and bright colors and things I would never buy for myself.

I follow only certain Pinterest boards created by other similar style minded souls. I have bookmarked them in my folders and find myself going to them pretty often for inspiration and ideas. So here are the ones that are my Go-to boards - tell me if you like them.

Edgy Bohemian - Lots of Black, Leather, Fur

Rusty Gals - Skinnies, Jackets and boots

Rock 'n' Roll Style - Think more leather jackets and cropped boots

Bohemian Rocker Fashion - One of my own boards with Bohemian & Rock n Roll looks

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